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We believe that kayak fishing should be accessible, rewarding and above all else fun! This starts with locomotion. For many kayak enthusiasts long hours of paddling can dampen their fun factor, and paddle splashes can startle fish and wildlife. So we asked a hard question: why labor to pull with your arms when it’s infinitely more efficient to push with your legs.

The genius behind the Hobie Mirage Drive Kayak is the double-scissor action that was developed by carefully studying how penguins swim. Our engineers realized that these amazing birds efficient fin stroke was a perfect solution to powering your kayak or boat. After countless hours of R&D and miles of on-the-water pedaling, our breakthrough design linked a pair of cockpit-mounted pedals to a set of powerful underwater fins that are constructed out of the flexible durable plastic. When pedaled, the fins flex to assume the shape of a propeller blade, scissoring back and forth on both the front stroke and the back stroke, yielding a smooth, efficient ride.


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